Launched: Framework for Enhanced Responses to Bias-Motivated Violence Based on SOGIE

The American Bar Association's Justice Works programme launched the new Framework for Enhanced Responses to Bias-Motivated Violence Based on Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, or Gender Expression (SOGIE). The document identifies concrete approaches to address violence targeting members of the LGBTI community.


The Justice Works Framework aims to empower civil society organization representatives, psychosocial support service providers, police officers, prosecutors, judges, and lawmakers to account for the interests of individual survivors of violence, the LGBTI community, and enforcers of the rule of law when violence occurs. The document identifies concrete approaches to address these interests, and it contains 16 case studies from jurisdictions throughout the world. In addition, the Framework provides takeaway charts with key considerations for the immediate, intermediate, and long-term phases of responding to bias-motivated violence based on SOGIE.


We hope that the Justice Works Framework inspires LGBTI people and the organizations that represent them and justice sector actors worldwide to increasingly engage and forge strong, meaningful relationships,” said Jordan Long, Director of ABA Justice Works Program. “We hope that, following the guidance in this framework, these relationships can become the solid foundation for justice sector actors to better uphold the rule of law, take into account the interests of LGBTI survivors, and consider the impact on the entire LGBTI community in cases of bias-motivated violence,” he added.


The Framework is a result of many months of research and consultations, including with Come Forrward and Call It Hate partner organizations. Jordan Long took part in the international conference Breaking the barriers , held on September 2018 in Sofia, Bulgaria. A summary of Justice Works Framework is included in the conference proceedings Anti-LGBTI Hate Crime in Europe. Working papers on research, policy and practice.


The Justice Works Framework can be downloaded by everyone from this link:


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