Policing Hate Crime against LGBTI persons: Training for a Professional Police Response

The Council of Europe published the new manual “Policing Hate Crime against LGBTI persons: Training for a Professional Police Response”. The resource is now available on the Council of Europe's website.


The manual is designed for police trainers, investigators, managers, hate crime officers and frontline police officers working in countries across the Council of Europe region. Its purpose is to provide assistance, information and the appropriate tools for conducting trainings on hate crime against LGBTI persons. It builds on Council of Europe standards, especially on the European Convention on Human Rights and the relevant case law from the European Court of Human Rights, as well as other international human rights standards and already existing training materials for law enforcement officials.


The manual, written by Joanna Perry and Paul Franey (on behalf of the EGPA - European Gay Police Association), is based on a human rights approach and informed by expert input. Above all it is victim and community-focused, in recognition that their confidence in law enforcement and cooperation is key to the success of investigations of these crimes.


The manual builds on the standards of the Council of Europe on combating hate crime and discrimination, as well as on the work and expertise of the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Unit in assisting member states with the implementation of effective policies, legislation and practical measures to identify, investigate and prosecute hate crime against LGBTI persons and protecting the victims of such crimes


The manual is available on the Council of Europe website: